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Although the statement does not provide details on the various proposed conditions, the Energy Minister`s statement provided some starting points at the end of the treaty. “There are differences of opinion on actual tariffs, both for energy delivered to the CEC and on reciprocal transportation charges, which are also called, among other things, bicycle charges,” says an excerpt from the Energy Minister`s speech. “Furthermore, and most importantly, the government has noted in recent days that the CEC is not even prepared to sign a 12-month agreement, which has served as the basis for all negotiations between the two parties over the past seven (seven) weeks that were initially proposed by the government and ZESCO.” The company said in the statement that it had been in talks with the national distribution company several weeks before the contract was outlined. “Over the past seven weeks, KEK and a team from the Republic of Zambia (“GRZ”), of which ZESCO was a member, have been negotiating a new electricity supply agreement.” The company also indicated that, although it was a party to the meeting with the national distribution company for a short-term agreement, the negotiating team quickly realized that the talks resulted in a healthy agreement. “While the original agreement was that the parties would work to reach an interim agreement, it became clear during the negotiations that the intention was to agree on a whole new agreement with totally different terms.” The electricity supplier for the copper belt mining companies CEC Plc, listed at the University of Lusaka, announced the end of its long-term power purchase contract with the national electricity supplier effective March 31, 2020, ending a 23-year contract signed at the height of the privatization of mining companies , according to a company statement. ZESCO LTD inspections of electrical tower engineers at Kafue Gorge Station` Ms Mfuni said that the approval of the PPAs will allow Zesco Limited to enter into agreements with Itezhi-Tezhi Power Corporation (ITPC) and Ndola Energy Company (NEC). The plant will sell its power to Zesco at a price of 0.0602 USD per KWh. The company acknowledged that until the last day of the contract, the negotiating parties were unable to agree on a number of conditions.

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