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If no agreement is reached by December 31, many imports and exports will be billed, which could drive up prices for businesses and consumers. On the other side of the pond, this fantasy was also inflated by President Donald Trump, who in late July 2019 said he spoke by phone with Boris Johnson and backed an “ambitious trade deal” with Britain after Brexit. The fact that the United States is a much smaller trading partner than the EU means that the potential benefits of the AGREEMENT between the United Kingdom and the United States are quite small. If we add the issue of regulation – Britain and the EU are already much more closely coordinated, while the US has a much more liberal political environment – the UK has a lot to lose because of less favourable access to EU markets. As with other post-Brexit trade deals, there are big questions about how a US trade deal is negotiated and concluded and how public opinion and civil society are consulted. Trade agreements have a huge impact on all areas of law and order, but British MPs have virtually no say in the content of trade agreements and are often powerless to amend or reject them. This is due to an archaic convention that gives the government the power to start negotiations, conduct them in secret and not sign them anywhere by Parliament, without any. It is not even necessary for MEPs to debate or vote on a trade agreement before it is ratified. Ultimately, this leads to a democratic deficit in which ordinary individuals are powerless to influence important trade agreements and are not represented when decisions are made. Whatever the content of a free trade agreement between the United Kingdom and the United States, it is essential that the agreement be properly democratically monitored to ensure its design in the public interest.

Asked Thursday about the Trump administration`s opinion, the office of U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer referred to his statement to Congress in June, where he said there was no chance that Congress would pass a trade deal if Britain builds borders in Ireland, in violation of the Good Friday agreement. What should cause traffic jams are the controversial elements of a quality free trade pact. Both sides should negotiate banking regulations that would facilitate the free trade in financial services. They should put an end to the mutual recognition of professional qualifications so that british and American architects, engineers, accountants and others can work freely on both sides of the Atlantic. There should be mutual recognition of product safety rules and inspections. It is time for the British government to realize that failure to meet its obligations under the Good Friday Agreement could seriously undermine its vision of “global Britain,” including all the ambitions of a comprehensive trade agreement with the United States. A memo released this weekend by Joe Biden described the Democratic candidate`s views on Ireland and America in Ireland. In the event of an election, Biden “will support an active U.S.

commitment to advancing the peace process in Northern Ireland” and will ensure that “there is no trade agreement between the United States and Britain if the implementation of Brexit threatens the Good Friday agreement.” During the 2016 referendum campaign, senior campaign officials promised a trade deal between the UK and the US, one of the main prices of Brexit. That is now the stated objective of the British government, which consulted in 2018 on the parameters of an agreement. Boris Johnson has made a free trade agreement between the United States and Britain a key idea of his government, and he said Britain would be “the priority to conclude a major free trade agreement” with the Trump administration.

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