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The merchandising program for Overwatch is significantly expanded. Hasbro secured the Toy Master License for the franchise with plans for a wide range of gaming experiences, including a NERF product line, games and more. In addition, the LEGO ® Group is planning several Overwatch kits at different price points. In addition, Overwatch is just one of many Blizzard Entertainment items featured in UNIQLO`s recently announced exclusive clothing line as part of the Spring-Summer 2018 collection, launched on May 18 worldwide. First the commands. Despite a new Reignited configuration that removes outdated camera movements from the D2 and R2 keys, a keyboard is not available. I really would have liked to move the load button (sprint) on one of the shoulder probes (R2), which allowed me to move quickly and easily, but it just wasn`t possible. Second, the camera. The camera has improved significantly compared to the original. That said, it still doesn`t feel like it`s fair – and during the action sequences (including the Gulp Boss fight at Ripto`s Rage), I struggled to keep the camera where I wanted, while I walked around, jumped and quickly changed direction – and that`s the kind of fidelity to the original I could have done without.

Thirdly, peaks of difficulty. Something we get less and less used to in the modern game is a sudden jump in difficulty. And even if it`s not frequent, from time to time, you`re going to walk away from easily gathering everything and igniting everything to a level on your way, and losing the next 14 lives in a quick episode. Finally, after a strangely long licensing agreement that must be signed at first, you will notice another relic of the originals: long loading screens. Whenever you jump through a portal to go into a new world or return home, you`ll be surprisingly long looking at a Spyro swipe loading screen. The updated graphic is accompanied by great new voices and crisp music. It just seems so natural and after a brief online check, it`s clear why. Tom Kenny, who spoke in both Ripto`s Rage and Year of the Dragon, took over the voice for these games in the new trilogy as well as for the first title.

And the composer of the original series (Stewart Copeland) has also returned to compose a wonderful new theme. Recurring music has also been remastered. However, for all fans who want undilt music, you also have the option to hear it in their previous glory by selecting the soundtrack from the options menu. Combined, the new linguistic work and beautiful music really put the focus on gameplay and provide the perfect backdrop for the wonderful new visuals In a press release from Activision, they announced new licensing deals for Overwatch and Spyro the Dragon, where new collectibles will be released…

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