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The agreement is part of a broader low-orbit marketing effort announced by the Agency last June to promote commercial exploitation of the ISS and the possible development of commercial stations. This initiative includes a new commercial use policy for the station and a list of prices for the commercial use of ISS resources, as well as the possibility of private astronaut missions to the station. Instead, the company would work with Boeing and SpaceX, companies that develop useful crew vehicles to gain access to the ISS. Both companies expressed interest in cooperating with third parties rather than selling seats directly to individuals. SpaceX has already sold commercial flights from its Crew Dragon spacecraft to Axiom Space for a mission to the station and Space Adventures for a autonomous mission in a higher orbit than the station. Space Adventures had previously announced plans to partner with Boeing to commercially commercial Starliner flights. As part of the agreement, Virgin Galactic will develop a new private orbital astronaut preparation program. This program includes identifying candidates interested in purchasing private astronaut missions to the ISS, acquiring transportation to the ISS, orbiting resources and Earth resources. Support and coordination of the use of ISS resources will be an important area of integration necessary for any private astronaut mission.

The next generation of space travellers is interested in a multitude of space experiments. Drawing on its commercial space training experience, Virgin Galactic believes it can deliver an unparalleled and personalized customer experience for orbiting space. As part of this partnership, NASA will use Virgin Galactic`s commercial know-how and know-how. Virgin Galactic will also provide end-to-end program management and integrated astronaut training packs for private passengers, tailored to the needs of a commercial space flight experience. The partnership also serves as a precursor to the ISS National Laboratory by demonstrating additional commercial participation in human space and enabling commercial participants to conduct research and other commercial activities aboard the ISS. Virgin Galactics main business is to fly amateur astronauts to the edge of the Earth`s atmosphere, up to 55 miles above ground, in its suprasonic space plane VSS Unity, for $250,000 per seat.

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