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5.54 While Cole`s royal commission found that standard negotiations hindered productivity, acirrt`s study contradicts this situation. ACIRRT has identified 23 types of standard negotiations and the Department of Employment and Industrial Relations has identified 45. Professor Braham Dabschek, a LABOUR RELATIONS SPECIALIST AT UNSW, told the Committee that the existence of so many models shows how flexible and adaptable they are. It also shows that they do not necessarily indicate a centralised position of trade union power. The term “one size fits all” is also not easily consistent with royal commissions, which find that many agreements contained complex rates of quotas and special tariffs. [261] Your approval has been confirmed! Congratulations! Your new EBA has been certified by the Qld Industrial Relations Committee. You can find an official copy here. . Your agreement has been confirmed! Congratulations! Your new EBA has been certified by the Industrial Relations Committee Qld. 5.64 Gadens, a Perth law firm, has presented in its inquiry proposal a proposal to regularise collective bargaining in order to address the concerns of subcontractors. The proposal proposed that the standard bargaining rules ensure that agreements with multiple companies under Section 170LC of the ARS (and, in certain circumstances, agreements in green grasslands under Section 170LC of the WRA) are excluded from what the Bill proposes. The proposal continues: 5.12 This section of the chapter examines the views of witnesses and comments on the need for a model negotiation or whether it is a practice that poisons the culture of labour relations, as the government claims. . . .

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