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From what I see, I`m sure we would have had a loooong arguing with PM over versions and preferences before reaching an agreement, but I`m sure it wouldn`t have been as sad in other words. I never change users` translations, so I won`t add anything to your translation. If you really are not able to translate into Spanish, I can do it for you and you will add the missing lines yourself. Tell me. It seems that there are several versions for this song, and the original lyrics posted were those of the single released in 1979, which did not contain some of the added verses (like the first ones) that actually appear in the film version. Oddly enough, the originals also matched the version played at the end of each metal band Iron Maiden concert to tell people that the play is over and that everyone is going home (or partying!) In any case. What I added is actually a spoken text and not a song, so where do you see a problem? This song was written for the movie “Life of Brian”. This is the second version – here is (almost) the whole story: The most “complicated” reasons are that I certainly know that there are many songs written for the film that are more or less cut when they are sung on screen, which never makes the film version the original or official, Even if it is sometimes the best known. The main reason for this is marketing and business: it is easier (and cheaper) to delete or edit parts of a song to use on a movie than to add instruments or verses to a film version so that it can be broadcast on the radio (or published as an O.

S.T.) as it happens for example. with the acoustic guitar at the beginning of this song or the first spoken lines (which only serve as a gateway to present the song itself). . . .

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