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A compensatory allowance compensates a spouse (with a sum of money or property rights) for the contribution he made (in the form of property or service) during his association to enrich the wealth of the other spouse. Additional compensation under the plan may change the amount of benefits to which previous spouses are (or will be) entitled. These incomes may also entitle them to an old-age pension, disability benefits or survivor benefits. Warning – document that is being revised This document is being reviewed. This publication may continue to be used to file an application, but due to changes in the law, some of the models it contains are no longer valid. In addition, this publication may not list some of the documents you need to include in your app. For this reason, before completing your request, you should contact the clerk to verify that you have all the information you need to complete the process. In addition, before you submit your application to the court, you should check with the clerk to see if it contains all the necessary information and documents. This document is no longer sold by Les Publications du Québec, but it can be downloaded free of charge on the Justice website. Following the breakdown of a marriage, a civil or de facto union, spouses may split the benefits incurred under a supplementary pension plan under the Supplemental Pension Plans Act. Unlike divorce, a separation without dissolution of marriage does not sever the bonds of marriage. Spouses must always respect, fidelity, assistance and assistance and may remain bound by certain additional clauses of their marriage contract.

Changing the child care system Education information when separating and at Derem, children on their care, maintenance and education, in the best interests of the children and in accordance with their rights. Divorce is the only way to end a marriage. If the couple is able to agree, they can apply for a joint divorce. If they fail to reach an agreement, the divorce application is decided by a judge. For more information on changing the terms of a supporting judgment, see changes to custody arrangements, access rights and payment terms for assistance: Approval Assistance Service in this guide, under Legal Formalities and In Accordance with Separation. A separation agreement is a document used by two persons in a marriage to distribute their assets and responsibilities in preparation for separation or divorce. If you and your spouse were separated on December 31 due to the breakdown of your relationship and your separation lasted less than 90 days, you are considered a spouse on December 31. This table lists some differences between separation and divorce.

If a couple with children separates, the parents must decide on the child care plan. Custody can be taken care of by a parent or shared with each other. Parents can call on a family mediator to reach an amicable settlement on child care. If they are unable to reach an agreement, they can have their legal representatives tried. The judge will then determine the custody regime as well as the right of access and exit if sole custody is entrusted to only one of the parents. These information sessions are offered and free in courthouses by accredited family mediators. Their goal is to prepare parents to deal with the consequences of their separation and to clarify the details of their separation, either through family mediation or through an application to the court.

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