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To use the source, you need to activate the check box The source on the initial screen of the pruchase requirement. Searching for sources helps to find the most appropriate source for a requirement, for example. B it can propose which framework agreement, what internal source of supply (factory) or which supplier can be used to order certain materials in a timely manner. For example, a range of internal numbers can be defined as a range of 20,000,000 to 3000,000, in which case the document documents assigned at this interval will be increased by 1 from 200000001 and 1 for each newly produced document. The last number available for this interval is 300000000, and if your documents fill the entire numbering range, it should be extended. It will rarely happen, as this would mean that you would have 10 million order documents for purchase. The definition of the type of document is an action to define different types of documents for an order request. It is useful to group the order requirements and specify their use. For example, we may have standard PR, subcontractors and restocking. Each type of document meets a particular need and is configured to be used in this way. Finally, the system seeks credible sources in the framework agreement and the list of information data and assigns the request to them. You have seen in the previous lesson what a set of purchase information is, and the framework agreement is a delivery plan or contract that is also used as entry information into the entry process.

In the “Manage Commands” app, you can create an order. A framework agreement can be a contract or a delivery plan. One of the simple supporting documents in sap purchases is an order request. The number assignment for the order request works for the document. Several different numbering domains can be created and then assigned to a particular type of command requirement. This number is used to follow certain requirements. It can be entered when ordering and copied into the order receipt. It is maintained at the item level and items can be selected using this number in several reports, such as MELB. As in other supporting documents, it is necessary to assign the reference number to new proofs created.

These numbers are then assigned to different types of proofs that we can define for the processing of order requirements.

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