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You can also register on the official website of the police station and request a police check of your tenant. Police auditing of a tenant is another part of this process. In addition to checking your potential tenants, you need to involve the police in this process. More importantly, this is not optional, as police audits of tenants have been imposed by municipal authorities in all major neighbourhoods. On the website of most police stations, you can download the form. In the capital, Delhi, for example, you must download and complete this application form for the tenant review. To complete the online customer verification form in Pune, click here. Check the application form for the client police audit here. 1. Get the police verification form on the police file or online.2.

Give details of the caror and (owner) as prescribed in the form. Reference numbers may also be required.3. Add a photo4 passport. Enter the voter card/Aadhar Card/ Ration Card/Passport/Driver`s Details Share License5. Sign the form as it should.6 Save the confirmation document after the form is sent. If you live a- or abroad, the police check of tenants is a necessary measure to ensure the security problems you may have, because you do not have eyes and ears on the ground. In other less extreme but annoying scenarios, landlords regularly encounter a number of problematic tenants; the peevish, the irresponsible guy who never pays the rent on time, the aggressive, who sets inappropriate requirements for amenities and special provisions, or the noisy out-of-control alcoholic, who enters the hours of all the chances he receives. You can visit the Delhi police website and download the form online. This process is free everywhere. This form requires, if necessary, the tenant`s prior information. Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code stipulates that the absence of a police inspection of tenants can result in a one-month prison sentence and a 200-point sentence. Do you have a landlord who has a policy check on your tenant? Here`s how to do it: The police review of tenants includes a background review that disregards all candidates with subpoenas, rap cards and sounds. What is normal wear and tear in a rented property?. In some cities, homeowners can do this with a mobile app. Delhi police have launched an app, Suraksha, to make paperwork and trouble while tenant checks are carried out. 1. Conduct a detailed interview with all candidates. Even if you have a trusted real estate agent who may be willing to do the interview on your behalf, you must meet with the tenant in person.2. Make a reference check by contacting the tenant`s former landlord to get the certainty of his or her behaviour as a tenant and to check if he has caused any damage or caused trouble to the neighbours. This can only be done after completing an online rent verification form.3 Get the number of family and friends of the tenant for more reference check to get an idea of the nature of the environment, family and circle friend of the tenants heard.

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