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One. In accordance with the provisions of the agreement, each party takes the necessary measures to prevent dangerous military activities, i.e. the following activities of the personnel and equipment of its armed forces, when operating close to the personnel and equipment of the armed forces of the other party during periods of peace: it was seen as a first step towards preventing nuclear war or military conflict by adopting an international cooperative attitude. These agreements are all worth it, but they are not enough. We assume that their limited scope and nature now pose a serious security risk in the Euro-Atlantic region. 2. The parties exchange appropriate information on cases of dangerous military activities or incidents that may result from such activities, as well as other matters related to this agreement. In the event of escalating threats or nuclear violence by all parties to this agreement and not, the United States and the Soviet Union will meet immediately to try to resolve all problems and avoid nuclear conflicts by any means necessary. As proponents of the ELN`s work know, over the past two years we have conducted research on close military, military and civilian meetings between NATO countries and partners and Russia. (1) Between March 2014 and March 2015 alone, we recorded more than 60 dangerous incidents in the Euro-Atlantic region. We are pleased that this work is included in the recent report of the Munich Security Conference 2016 (2), as we dispute that the incidents that continue in a context of increased mistrust and tensions in NATO-Russia relations have the potential to cause a major crisis between a nuclear state and a nuclear alliance.

Specifically, if additional crisis prevention mechanisms are not put in place, more recent Russian military activities, combined with NATO`s remedal thinking measures in response, will increase the risks to stability in Europe. Those who doubt the possible consequences should reflect on the additional diplomatic and economic consequences of the Turkish-Russian shooting near the Turkey-Syria border in November 2015. After the signing by both parties, the agreement enters into force immediately. 1. In order to prevent dangerous military activities and to resolve incidents that may result from such activities quickly, the armed forces of the contracting parties establish and maintain communications in accordance with Schedule 1 of this agreement. 2. In accordance with Schedule 1 of this agreement, the armed forces personnel of the parties who are represented in a designated special intervention area establish and maintain communications and take other measures that may be agreed upon by the parties at a later date to prevent dangerous military activity and to remedy any incident that may result from such activities. It is now clear to everyone that NATO-Russia relations have not become a fruitful partnership since the end of the Cold War.

This reality should not exclude productive cooperation in areas of common interest. Both NATO and Russia have a strong interest in avoiding an involuntary war.

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