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RCW 59.18.130 requires tenants to reset the device to the state they found it in when moving in, minus normal wear and tear. Another legal definition of normal wear and tear is not found in the owner-tenant law. There may also be a few requirements outlined in your rental agreement. It`s a good idea to get documentation of the state in which you leave the device and documentation of all the steps you take to clean or repair the device. Tenants may be charged for damage to the unit caused by normal wear and tear. For more information, see Deposits. A landlord can use a tenant`s deposit to pay a tenant`s unpaid rent or repair the damage and clean the unit if the condition exceeds normal wear and tear. Most states require the lessor to return the deposit and make available to the tenant a list of deductions within 14 to 60 days from the date of the tenant`s departure. A tenant cannot legally terminate a lease before it expires, unless a national or federal law applies.

Every state has tenant-landlord rules that determine why a tenant can legally breach a lease.

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