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Additional data on the repurchase agreements that will be deposited on the Rent Board, including amounts and the number of tenants, can be obtained via the De Rent Board website. The Rent Order (rent regulation) section 37.9E, which will come into effect on March 7, 2015, sets out the implementation of sales contracts between landlords and tenants (rentals) under the rent regulations. The “buy-back contract” is the agreement under which the tenant pays the tenant or gives him other considerations (p.B. no rent) so that he can withdraw the rental unit. However, the agreement does not constitute an agreement that the unfinished legal proceedings are an unlawful civil liability (elimination of tenants in the tenancy agreement) within the meaning of Section 37.9E, and it is not subject to the same designated needs described below. The lessor follows the following rules before participating in a discussion or agreement with the tenant on the possibility of participating in the sale agreement (whether the discussion is written or discussed): All contracts are subscribed to the tenants` council and the public can consult with the tenants` office. However, all customer identity information is deleted or deleted before being placed in the database. The tenant can terminate the sales contract within 45 days of the signing by all parties, and this can be done by written notification to the landlord that the tenant has terminated the contract (or words that are pronounced). The tenant can send the notice of termination to the landlord by personal renewal, mail or email. The lessor must file a copy of the contract signed with the tenant within 14 days of the expiration of the tenant`s (last day) period to terminate the contract (if it exists, the tenant having 45 days to terminate the contract, the contract must be filed between 46 and 59 days after the signing of the contract between 46 and 59 days).

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