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The termination fee ultimately depends on the nature of the contract in which you will rejoice. For example, an exclusive sales rights contract can cost more because you have to pay all the brokerage fees, even if you find a buyer yourself. The terms and conditions of the agent under the terms of sale specified that the seller was required to pay compensation at the final price of the contract, whether the buyer was introduced by the representative, the seller or another representative, provided they were introduced during the exclusive presentation period. At any time, until an agreement is reached unconditionally, you can decide that you do not want to sell your property and remove it from the market. If you want to stop marketing your property, you must inform the agency in writing. Ask the Agency to confirm in writing that all marketing has been stopped and removed. Let the Agency know if you want to hear from them if a buyer contacts them after the marketing is over. You need to explain when the agency agreement expires and how the lender can cancel it. You can ask questions, seek independent advice, talk to more than one agent and negotiate what is written in the agency agreement. You can negotiate deadlines, commissions, expenses or services. Make sure you and your lawyer or intermediary are satisfied with the agreement before signing it. Exclusive sales of user rights provide exclusive sellers with better protection with respect to their rights. The rules are simple: if there is a sale during the exclusive sale period, the agent receives his fee.

Assuming that an agent does the right thing and that a copy of the agency agreement is made available to the seller and that the agreement is not terminated until 5:00 p.m. on the next business day, there is no contractual agreement or reAA 2008 allowing a seller to withdraw from an agency agreement before the expiry of the original 90-day agency agreement. The only way out of the agreement at this stage is by mutual agreement – that is, an invitation to terminate the seller`s agreement and assume that the contract has been terminated by the agent. Agency contracts alone almost never contain a termination clause. In accordance with Section 130 of the Realtors Act 2008 (REAA 2008), sellers have until 5:00 p.m. the next business day, after a copy of an agency agreement has been given to them by the broker, until the contract is terminated.

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